Professional Development Tips

The semester is a few weeks away and we all know what that means; graduation for some either this winter or spring term. This is a time where many decisions must be made such as where to jump-start our career, where we’ll live, and how implement our professional and life goals.

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College is a place to enhance both your knowledge and professional mindset. Many students have an idea of their profession by their third year, some still are undecided. There’s no rush to make decisons right away; we still have several years to find an employer. Throughout this post, I will share some helpful tips to enhance your professionalism.

  1. Have an idea of your strengths and weakness: This question is bound to come-up in an interview; employers will generally ask you to list three of your strengths and three weaknesses. What professionals look for in an interview are honesty, elaboration, and detail.
  2. Research both the company and position you want: Companies like it when you come prepared with prior knowledge to the interview. It’s the best way to earn points and help you stand out among the other candidates.
  3. Brush up on public speaking: Rather it’s conducting meetings or giving speeches, it’s important that you develop comfortability with speaking in front of mass audiences. This will come with time and practice, but it will be extremely beneficial when you step into the professional environment.

According to Glass Door, here are some of the best companies for recent college graduates.

  1. Facebook
  2. World Wide Technology
  3. Nestle Purina
  4. Johnson & Johnson
  5. NVidia

Rather you are pursuing a career in tech, business, or medicine, these tips will give you the tools to be the best candidate for the position you apply for.


Nike’s Dominance in Sports

Fashion, sports, entertainment, the list goes on. Nike has been the leader amongst the apparel and footwear industry for the past 40 years. Their iconic Air Force 1 sneaker has been the top seller since its debut in the early 90’s. Many of the retro Nike sneakers that were popular in the 90’s also have been making its return this year, such as the Pippen Air Up tempos. They are currently retailed at $160 and can be found at your local footlocker.

Just last week, Nike has unveiled the newly designed NBA jerseys, which were designed by Adidas the last decade. The jerseys will consist of a home, away. Alternate, and retro style for all 32 teams in the league. This was a great opportunity for Nike to further their brand in the professional sports market, since they currently are the official brand of the NFL apparel also. We can expect to see other sports organizations partner with Nike soon.

A look at Nike’s four NBA uniforms for the 2017-18 season. Photo Credit: Nike

With the innovations, it’s hard to choose a jersey to purchase for this upcoming Basketball season. Although I am a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan and native, I didn’t like their Nike-designed jersey as much as the others. The Oklahoma City Thunder and New York Knicks jersey stood out the most. Rather its sneakers, paraphernalia, or jerseys, make sure you cop some of the latest Nike gear for this upcoming semester!

Tasty Water Recipes

The summer is here, so you all know what that means; many hot and humid days! Summertime in the Midwest is bittersweet, simply because there are many beautiful days to enjoy nature. However, there are days when the temperatures are 100+ degrees with high humidity. Throughout this post I will discuss many ways to stay hydrated so you can beat the heat.

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To spice up the taste of water to make it more enjoyable for you, here a few infused recipes.

Tropical infused Water

  1. Slice one orange (or half if you prefer) into thin slices
  2. Cut a half of a pineapple into desirable size chunks.
  3. Tear both a mint and basil leaf into small pieces and place into gallon
  4. Let this sit in the fridge for at least 4 hour
  5. Get a glass and sip away!

Lemon-Mint Infused Water

  1. Cut one Lemon into thin slices and place into gallon
  2. (Optional) slice up 6 strawberries and add into the gallon
  3. Tear apart a mint leaf and put it into the gallon
  4. Let the gallon sit in the fridge for one day so that all the flavors can marinate.
  5. Get a glass cup and enjoy!

On summer days like today, it’s important that you keep the body hydrated with plenty of water. Other than it’s cleansing purposes, water helps the body stay cool. Most people only drink up to 8 glasses of water per day, which is reasonable, but in the summer, it’s recommended that we consume at least a gallon per day.

Save money on your next vacation

The best part about summer other than break, is the opportunity to take vacations with friends and/ or family.

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For as long as I can remember, I have always been the biggest travel guru. I have always had a passion for seeing the world and engaging in new experiences. The best trips are those that are well thought out and budgeted correctly. Throughout this post, I will share some tips on both planning and budgeting your next vacation.

There are many trips that seem a bit expensive, but there are several ways to make your vacation more enjoyable. One is by utilizing Expedia, Trivago or Kayak for awesome four-five star hotel deals.Generally, booking hotels directly from their site will cost more than going through a third-party booking app. There are also opportunities to get bundle deals that include round-trip flights, stay, and rental vehicles. Download Just Fly for deals on flights from various airlines.

GroupOn and TripAdvisor are both great sources that provides you with a list of many activities to do on your vacation. They also provide information on the best restaurants in town with discounts that you won’t believe! Take advantage of travelling in groups, for better deals.

The final tip planning for your vacation is to take a small amount of money ($20/ week) and put it aside months before your travel for spending money. Rather to Vegas, Miami, or Myrtle Beach, plan accordingly and spend wisely!